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Daily trade ideas and signal setups from up to 5 professional traders. All trading strategies have been back-tested and proven successful in different market conditions. Signals are sent via Telegram.

Forex Trading Room

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$74 / month billed yearly

An all in one solution for your Trading Desk featuring Bloomberg TV, full access to Forex signal service, and daily live trading streams during the New York session with RP Forex.

Leverage Our Professional Traders

We do the research, we back-test the trading strategies, we filter all the forex signals through our analysts team. This ensures all forex signals are backed by great technical analysis. All you have to do is take the trade. 

Save Time Analyzing Charts

Save countless hours staring price charts looking for a good trade. We don’t just help you find great trades, we help you buy back your time. Financial freedom is great, but time freedom is everything.

More Trade Signals For Less

With most of our competitors, you get 1 expert trader with 1 trading strategy. With Forex Lens, you get access to 5 different traders with 5 different trading strategies to choose from, and for less!

Watch, Learn & Profit Together

Watch our daily live trading sessions and market breakdown. Learn how to use our simple yet effective price action trading strategy and train yourself to find similar trades on your own. Profit together with our trading community. 

Earn While You Learn

Even with a small trading account, you can earn enough profits to pay for you monthly membership while you learn how to trade forex with us. We make it an absolute priority to help you make your membership fee back each month and then some.

Best Customer Support Team

Our traders are family. We do our best to help our traders. We only succeed if we’re able to produce success stories. We’re always available to assist with you on live chat or email at [email protected]

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Sign up for a Free Membership to our Forex Trading Room. Get access to daily live streams where we call our on averages +300 pips per week on only a few trades!

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” I have spent thousands of dollars probably, over the last year finding a good forex signal service provider. It’s nice to have a bigger variety of pairs that maybe I’m not looking at a given time, and it’s nice every once in while, when I am on the exact same trade as one of the trade signals. Kind of confirms what I’m thinking. ” 

Jeff (US)Former Institutional Trader at Cambridge Associates

You guys really opened my eyes with forex signal services after correcting me on how to use signals properly. Nowadays, I find most of my best trade through you guys. I’m really grateful to have found you guys when I did last year…I was almost about to give up trading. Hopefully you guys can continue the good work for years to come! 🙂

D. Rodriguez (CA)365 Member, Trader

” I found Forex Lens a few months ago and it is without question the best forex signal service that I’ve found. I’ve tried probably eight or nine of them and I’ve spent probably a good $2000 evaluating different services. “

J. Wagner (US)Forex Trader

Never seen a forex signal service like yours. Your signals are great. Keep up the good work!

Александр (RU)Forex Trader

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