Altcoin Profits + Good Sell Entry on AUDUSD

Altcoin profits continue for our short positions while BTC and ETH look to continue to the downside. In addition to altcoin profits, members that have been following the daily live sessions were provided with a really good sell entry AUDUSD.

For DXY, we are still looking for price to trade up to ( members only ) and take out the swing high on the 4H timeframe. It may have some challenge at ( members only ), but ultimately we want to see price trade through it.

We are looking for EURUSD to trade back down but for today, so it may be best to focus on the Pound Dollar.

Speaking of which, we have started selling off GBPUSD and we are anticipating further downside. For today, you can look to sell on pullbacks to ( members only ) area. For longer term targets, you can look at ( members only ) and ( members only ).

We have run through the equal highs on NZDUSD, so now we’re looking for it to break back down. It hasn’t given us any signs yet, so it may be best to leave this pair alone for today and focus on AUDUSD.

We are anticipating more downside on AUDUSD. If you placed a sell limit order where we pointed out at ( members only ), you may have gotten a really good sell entry. We are looking for price to selloff toward ( members only ) as the final target, with shorter term targets that we mapped out in today’s live session. You can look to take partials at those shorter term targets. For full details, be sure to watch the replay in the portal.

For EURGBP, wait for the daily candle to close bullish so you can buy it under ( members only ). The most ideal would be around ( members only ), which would be a fair value gap.

For USDCAD, we are looking for an optimal trade entry at ( members only ) to take price higher to take out the highs of ( members only ).

We are looking for price on USOIL to take out the equal highs at the ( members only ) level. You can look to go long with stops below ( members only ) to target those equal highs, and possibly take it all the way to ( members only ).

Ideally we wanted to see GOLD drop into a gap before seeing more upside, but that wasn’t the case. From where we are, if you are long (or looking to go long), you can look at ( members only ) as a target.

BTCUSD on the daily chart looks like it will attack the lows of ( members only ) and ( members only ) for long term. Today might be an up candle day, but ultimately we are looking for more downside for BTC. We would wait for today’s daily candle to close, but if you want to sell short you can put your stop above the previous day’s high. We also spoke about other ways you can play it in the live session.

ETH is in a scenario similar to BTC, where we are looking for more downside to take out the clean equal lows of ( members only ) as long term targets. Price does not necessarily have to go that low, but that is where it is looking to be drawn to in the meantime, with the assumption that there are no major market structure changes.

As mentioned, we are enjoying healthy altcoin profits as we continue to hold our shorts. AVAX is shorting from ( members only ), and ADA is shorting from ( members only ). If you’ve been following a similar strategy, you should also be sitting with healthy altcoin profits for both positions.

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