Forex signals, or what we like to refer them as “trade ideas” or “trade setups”,  presents traders an opportunity to get in on some action in the FX markets, to risk our capital and gain return. Trade ideas is how we traders need to survive, it’s what we hunt for. We’re predators always on the hunt, but never forget. There will always be a bigger fish in the market. We call them whales, or Smart Money.

What we offer at Forex Lens is a chance to level the playing field, a chance to follow the Smart Money, track them and follow them. Because the markets are manipulated to their favor. We’ve always known this. The recent incident with WallStreetBets short squeezing GME (GameStop) which caught everyone’s attention is hard proof for you doubters. Now we should have your attention.

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What are Forex signals?

Our Forex signals are trade ideas or trade setups that offer a high probability, great risk-to-reward scenarios for you to trade. We’ll show you exactly what the pros are doing, providing specific entry price, take profits (TP), and a stop losses(SL). Take Profit being prices that we are targeting and Stop Losses being the point of invalidation of a trade. It acts as a safety net which means when price reaches this price, to take you out the trade and prevents a significant loss. Forex trading is a game of probabilities and losses are part of the game. What matters is our winners greatly outweigh our losses, and we’ll show you how to do that with sound risk management. Sign up for a Pro Trader Membership today and get access to our trade ideas today.

Who is Forex signals for?

Don’t have time to stare at the charts all day? We’ll help you save your time on chart and send you what our professional analysts see in the markets. You can utilize our Forex signals and trade ideas if you are one of the following


You have no experience and you looking to get started trading. Or perhaps you are relatively new and still figuring things out. Our Forex signals and trade ideas will help you learn how to spot similar trade setups. 


You have been trading (or trying to trade) for 3-12 months, or maybe longer. You are still in search for a good trading strategy that will works for you. We’ll how you how our professional’s approach to the markets, how they implement risk management, and determine where to place their Stop Losses and Take Profit targets. 


You have 1-3 years of trading experience. However, you have yet to find a real trading edge and be consistently profitable with your strategies. We’ll help you break through showing you exactly what we look for in a Forex signal or trade idea with analysis to support it. 


You have already achieved consistency and profitability as a trader. Perhaps you are looking for a reliable source of Forex signals and for high probability trade ideas to help save you time on chart, or, to get a contrasting opinion on your own trade analysis. Great minds think alike so let’s mastermind together! 

TDLR: Doesn’t matter what level you’re at, this service can take your trading to the next level. But don’t just take our word for it, sign up for a Pro Trader Membership and come see for yourself.

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