Forex signals, or “trade ideas” is how we Forex traders earn our living in the market. Our technical analysts hunt for the best high probability trade setups every day. We do all the analysis so that you don’t have to be chained to the charts.

Inside the Forex trading room, our traders will share Forex signals and trade ideas they are taking each day with specific entry price, stop loss, take profit targets, and updates on when they are taking profits, de-risking, or exiting the trade fully.

More importantly, our analysts will provide in-depth explanations via live video and chart analysis showing you WHY they are taking the trade, WHY they are choosing certain price levels, and HOW you can identify them on your own. Our goal is to teach you how to find these recurring patterns that we see in price, to make you a better and more consistent trader.

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Our Past Performance since 2015

What are Forex Signals?

Forex Signals or ‘trade ideas’ are trade setups that offer a high probability and good risk-to-reward scenarios for you to follow. They provide specific Entry Price, Take Profit (TP) targets, and a Stop Loss (SL). An Entry Price is where we enter the trade. A Take Profit is the price that we believe price will go, and a Stop Loss is where we cut our losses if the trade does not go our way. Forex trading is a game of probabilities, and although losses are part of the game, what matters is our winning trades outweigh our losses, which we have done since 2015.

Who are Forex Signals for?

Forex signals are great for traders at any experience level. From beginners to intermediate to advanced traders, Forex signals can be useful in different ways. But generally they are most useful for those who don’t have a lot of time to monitor price charts all day long. We help you save time in front of the charts by sending you setups we see in the market in the form of a Forex signal.  You can utilize our Forex signals if you fall in any of the following categories:


You have no experience and you looking to get started trading. Or perhaps you’re relatively new to trading and still figuring things out. Our Forex signals will offer a ‘set and forget’ solution for your trading. However, this alone will not help you become a good trader. It will only help you get into the habit of looking at charts and placing trades. It will also teach you how to spot similar trade setups. 


You have been trading (or trying to trade) for 3-12 months, or maybe longer. You are still in search for a good trading strategy that will works for you. Our Forex signals will give you a sense of where we like to set our targets and stop losses, as well as the time of day we like to enter a trade.

Our Educational Library will also teach you how to chart like a professional. You’ll learn how to identify patterns like market structure breaks, and draw on liquidity. You’ll learn how to implement good risk management in your trading and how to manage your capital so you won’t blow your account. 


You have 1-3 years of trading experience. However, you have yet to find a real trading edge and be consistently profitable with your strategies. We’ll help you break through showing you exactly what pro traders look for in a Forex signal along with the analysis that supports it. 

Our Educational Library will also show you many tips and tricks you can implement in your trading strategy that will give you higher probability trade setups. All you need is a little more sauce to push you into the Profitable Trader tier.


You have already achieved the status of becoming a consistency and profitable trader, but you know there is always room for improvement. You might be looking to improve your edge with Smart Money trading concepts. Or you may just be looking for a reliable source of Forex signals to help save you time on chart. 

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