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I have spent thousands of dollars probably, over the last year finding a good forex signal service provider. It’s nice to have a bigger variety of pairs that maybe I’m not looking at a given time, and it’s nice every once in while, when I am on the exact same trade as one of the trade signals. Kind of confirms what I’m thinking.   (Telegram Testimonial) 

Jeff Wagner (Michigan, US)Former Institutional Trader at Cambridge Associates

Hello Forex Lens team, thank you for the excellent service over the years. Ever since joining your signal service, I’ve become a much better trader with the guidance of your signals. And I love how affordable you guys are too! You should really consider charging more for this service haha.  (WhatsApp Testimonial)

Jamie Wilson (London, UK)Yearly Member, Trader

You guys really opened my eyes and changed my mind about signal services. I’ve become wildly profitable after you guys taught me how to properly use the signals. Nowadays I find most of my good trades with you guys. I’m really grateful and glad I found your service when I did, and I hope you guys will continue to provide a great service for years to come.  (Email Testimonial)

David Rodriguez (Toronto, CA)Yearly Member, Trader

I must say, as a swing trader, I really enjoy Bravo FX and his fundamental analysis. He offers great risk-to-reward trade setups which is exactly my style of trading. He definitely has a much more planned approach and strict trading rules. I’d recommend him for any swing traders. I’d also recommend Atom FX, he’s been crazy accurate lately. (Telegram Testimonial)

Jason Nguyen (Vancouver, CA)Technical Analyst, Swing Trader

I found Forex Lens a few months ago and it is without question the best forex signal service that I’ve found. I’ve tried probably eight or nine of them and I’ve spent probably a good $2000 evaluating different services. (Video Testimonial)

Jeff Wagner (Michigan, US)Jujitsu Coach & Former Professional Trader

I’ve never came across a fx signal service quite like yours. You guys underpromise and overdeliver on everything. Keep up the good work. (YouTube Comment)

Александр (St. Petersburg, RU)Premium Member, Trader

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