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Learn how to approach Forex trading like a professional, not a gambler.

Get access to hundreds of past live sessions, lessons, and deep dives into the Forex and commodities market. The smart money trading concepts we teach will give you a trading edge over the average retail traders.

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Receive profitable ‘set and forget’ Forex signals every day via Discord.

We offer robust Forex signals that have been performing consistently well since 2015. They are designed to be a ‘set and forget’ system with minimal requirement for trade management.

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Get up to $1,000,000 in live funding to trade on a profit-split up to 90/10.

Traders need capital to makes significant returns and funding high amounts of capital yourself can be risky. We have a better way for you to earn in Forex if you can show us you’re a consistent trader.

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Forex Signals

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Get notified with our ‘set and forget’ Forex signals right to your phone! These are great for beginners who wish to participate in the FX market with minimal time and effort.

Save Time on Charts!

Save countless hours hunting for trade setups. We’ll find them and send them to you. Back back your time. Financial freedom is great, but time freedom is everything.

Start Risk-Free

Start trading demo in risk-free trading environment while you learn. You can hone your trading skills without the worry of losing real money. Trading is the skillset that can pay you for life. 

Learn Price Action

Learn how to read price action like a pro! We have a library of videos teaching Price action and institutional trading strategies that will give you an edge in the market. 

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Learn to avoid mistakes that cost traders profit! Our risk management principals will help improve your profitability and help you become a more disciplined trader!  

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Chat with our team anytime on Discord or email us with your questions, feedback and concerns at [email protected]. We’re always here to help with your trading journey. 

Cyber November
Forex Major Shorts as US Dollar Index Rebounds from 93.170
Dollar to Visit 92.500, AUDUSD Looks to Complete a Range Fill
Crude Oil Trade in Profit + Gold Longs Delayed Until Next Week
Price Action Analysis + EURUSD is Super Bearish

” I’ve spent thousands of dollars probably, over the last year finding a good forex signal service provider. It’s nice to have a bigger variety of pairs that maybe I’m not looking at a given time, and it’s nice every once in while, when I am on the exact same trade as one of the trade signals. Kind of confirms what I’m thinking. ” (2017)

Jeff W.Pro Trader Member

” Worth every penny. I was pretty new to trading when I joined their trading room. I use the price action strategy for crypto too and it’s pretty darn effective. I highly recommend Forex Lens to anyone just getting started into trading. Seems like they also have a lot of advanced stuff now and lots of good traders on discord which is great. I attribute a lot of my success to them! ”  (2020)

Doris B.Pro Trader Member

” I can’t rate Forex Lens high enough! Brilliant service, always there if you have any questions and you get expert advice! Great analysis of the markets! Definitely so much more knowledgeable following the help and advice. Would recommend to anyone wanting to gain more knowledge and become a trader in forex. ” (2021) 

Jay H.Pro Trader Member

 Loving the experience and how it’s all transparent. Good combination of talent and knowledge sharing. Well controlled. Like the work. Keep it up guys! ” (2020)

Kaushal G.Pro Trader Member
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