Many newcomers to trading or those transitioning from stocks to Forex, always inquire about the advantages and disadvantages of trading Forex. For people who are just learning about the Forex Market, I suggest they read my previous blog post How to Get Started Trading Forex to get an idea of what you’re getting into. Now […]

In today’s blog post I will be going over (briefly) the top 3 most important aspects of technical analysis. The topics covered today need to be mastered before you make an attempt to learn more advanced TA, or place a trade on a live account. For those that have read my past blog post on […]

Although this blog emphasizes the quantitative aspects of trading forex, we have yet to write about the all important qualitative factors. Trader psychology is one of the least talked about aspects of trading, yet I feel it is one of the most important to master. You can master technical and fundamental analysis, but if you […]