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Teachers, Gym Teachers and False Prophets

They say when the student is ready, the teacher shall appear. This has definitely rang true for me on more than one occasion. In fact I believe it to be one of those weird universal laws that seems to spring forth when and where you least expect it. They also say it takes a village to raise a boy, and this is most certainly true when it comes to trading. Indeed I have been mentored by many before me, and they too were mentored by those who came before them. There is a beauty in this continuity. And you know, it’s true what they say. Those who can’t teach, team gym. And those who can’t trade, teach trading.

Sadly, that is often the case though, when it comes to trading mentors. It is a little well known fact of life that many online educators, especially those of the cash money and fast cars Instagram variety, are really just all flash and no sizzle. They are simply online marketers who play to your fear and greed and base human emotions. Many of these doofuses don’t even trade real accounts, let alone profitably on a demo account. Many just use dummy accounts and outright lie. Many more are just shilling for brokers who will never pay you out. The list goes on.

Even Tiger has a caddie

So how does a noob get into trading when there are so many pitfalls to avoid? I do truly believe that getting a quality mentor is the best way to learn. You must align yourself with someone who has walked the road to profits before you, and you will drastically reduce your own timeline to profitability as well. After all, you wouldn’t attempt to scale Everest without a Sherpa now would you? Even Tiger Woods has a caddie, as well as many trainers and dietitians. Tom Brady does too, and the president has many, many advisers who use big words and wear funny hats.

The point is, you can’t just simply go it alone. Reading books alone won’t suffice. You need someone to really show you the ropes, and simply, you will do better with a mentor in whatever pursuit you choose, not just trading. This is just a fact of life, and it’s why there are so many pick up artists online today. They too all mentored under some magician somewhere.

Real Results Matter

So again, back to our question, how does a noob get into trading when there are so many pitfalls to avoid? When it comes to finding a mentor, there are things traders can do to protect themselves. The first thing to consider when choosing a mentor is are they for real? Are they trading real accounts? Are they generating real results? Are they trying to sell you a dream or are they open and honest about the cold hard facts of trading? As yourself, if they are so profitable, what motivates them to teach? Are they doing it to give back, or simply to make money?

Thankfully, when it comes to Forex, now more than ever there are many third party websites where trader accounts and results can be tracked and verified. One such example is myfxbook.com for example. They are probably the best well known. There are many others as well, and all a trader has to do is download the software and upload it to their account and their entire trading history can be published in minutes. Thankfully, you don’t have to look far, as our star Trader RP Forex is up and live on the Forex Trading Room and his forex results are real. If you’re looking for an excellent, verified mentor who live streams his trades daily, look no more.

Remember, real and verified results should always serve as your bare minimum baseline for comparison. After all, numbers don’t lie, but statistics do though. Don’t be a statistic, become an anomaly.

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Op-Ed is an avid trader and learner of all things life, with an inspired sense of duty to help others achieve their goals and dreams. Ed has 7 years of financial and trading experience, having both worked on the broker side, as well as prop trading and in trade support. He has also worked as a professional corporate currency trader and focuses mainly on Gold, the S&P and Forex. Ed is also interested in beginning to mentor students more formally, as he has informally over the years. He is always available to talk shop.

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