Welcome back to another live session. We will be picking up where we left off on Friday. Last week was NFP week and it was packed with fundamental releases, however that did not stop us from gaining over 300 pips. This week is a lot more calmer, at least until Thursday, so we look forward to carrying this winning streak.

In terms of potential setups for this week, we first take a look at #Gold which had dropped over a 100 pips within an hour. This significant move was done after it had breached the 1503 support. We are currently waiting for price to retest & reject this zone as confirm to enter short.

On Friday we spoke about possible #GBPUSD longs only after it had closed above 1.23730, created support and resistance, and then trade the breakout. Currently the pair has tapped the level. We want the above to occur, to ensure we get the best possible entry to long to 1.26500.

It is a Monday, so our main goal is to determine the biases of each pair for the upcoming week. We usually look for specifics and entries during the midweek. With that being said, I will see you all for tomorrow’s session on our Portal at 11:00 AM EST. Happy trading and take care.

Watch the Live Session Here: https://www.forexlens.com/portal/