Smart Money Technique (SMT) + AUDUSD & NZDUSD Profits

Smart Money Technique (aka “SMT”) was covered in today’s live session. In addition to the discussion on Smart Money Technique, we also shared that AUDUSD & NZDUSD achieved profits!

The DXY should reject and go higher, but we are waiting for a break in market structure first. We want to see price trade through the ( members only ) gap, and we want to close above this and take a short term high at the ( members only ) rejection level. We also have a relative equal high at the ( members only ) zone, and currently in discount of this range.

EURUSD has not taken out the previous week’s high, so this is a sign to apply the Smart Money Technique covered in the live session. We are looking to break market structure and look for a sell.

In contrast, GBPUSD has managed to take out previous week’s high. Based on Smart Money Technique (SMT), if we break market structure then we can look to sell to the ( members only ) area. In the live session we provided a rundown on how to take advantage of a sell scalp, as well as what to do if price moves in to the other direction.

NZDUSD traded into our target! We may get a continuation, but we will stay out for the rest of the week. If it does continue, the next draw looks like the ( members only ) level, and then the ( members only ) zone. A good entry could be a pullback to the ( members only ) level.

Yesterday’s AUDUSD target was also hit! We are watching price for clues so that we can trade accordingly. We are still bullish, but the probability is a bit less now that we hit this target. Let’s wait for tomorrow.

EURGBP also hit our live session target – this was a great setup if you have been following along. We covered how to use the London close time to leverage your trades today – be sure to catch the replay in the portal if you missed the live session.

Long term, we are bullish on USDCAD to ( members only ).

USOIL has gone above the monthly high. Ideally, this is supposed to hold price and send it higher. If we don’t hold and the 88 low gets taken out, then wait for a pullback and target ( members only ), and then potentially to ( members only ). It is a valid buy as well – and we gave a trade setup in the live session with an entry at ( members only ), targeting ( members only ). Make sure to watch the replay if you missed this morning’s live session so that you can understand how to target both sides!

GOLD is not moving as normal, which may be a sign that price is waiting for some NFP news on Friday. Our levels remain the same, targeting ( members only ). We also identified a range to target the buyside as well. Don’t get caught on the wrong side!

BTCUSD hit the first target right on the spot from yesterday! Since we took out some liquidity, we are watching a buy to unfolds around the ( members only ) area to ( members only ).

Based on the high timeframe, we se ETHUSD to go higher to ( members only )as the next target, unless we go below ( members only ).

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