Trading Secrets Revealed + GOLD & USOIL Targets Hit

What are the GMT trading secrets? It has to do with time, yes, but it is just a few simple rules to follow to help you become consistently profitable! In today’s live forex session, we taught these important trading secrets… so be sure to watch the replay in the portal to learn how to apply these GMT trading secrets to your trades. Beyond that, higher inflation numbers pointed to the DXY coming out of consolidation, so we also covered how to identify Institutional Order Flow (this is identified when bearish order block candles are being respected, and this is happening on the DXY).

Our general bias on DXY is bullish, but there are indicators that a potential short term reversal is on the horizon. Don’t worry – if it does end up reversing, we also have strategies to keep you covered. We are currently waiting to see how DXY closes today before changing our minds on direction change.

With the DXY out of consolidation, we have activated the downside strategies and have triggered into the imbalance order block at ( members only ). The key will be on how we close today… if price closes below ( members only ) area, then we should see a downside to the ( members only ).

If DXY is confirmed to be bearish, then we will be buying EURUSD to the ( members only ) area, and then to the ( members only ) level. If not, then we will be staying out of EURUSD for now.

GBPUSD is in a deep premium. We can see a rejection or sideways market around the ( members only ) level, where we could start work on GBPAUD and GBPNZD pairs. If the DXY closes bearish, GBPUSD can clear out of the initial consolidation at the ( members only ) area.

AUDUSD has drawn into the breaker, and has went past it into the bearish order block. We see a similar model for a sell here at the ( members only ), with SL at ( members only ). Even though we are giving you a sell model here, we go over what to do if DXY moves the other way in the live session… be sure to catch the replay to have all the information before making your trades.

We should get a reaction on NZDUSD at the ( members only ) area, and can look for a potential short opportunity from this range down to ( members only ). There is also the equal low to target afterward at the ( members only ) level. As always, it’s a smart strategy to take partials along the way to secure profits.

EURGBP is still in consolidation, so we are still waiting. If you want to trade it, then it would be best to scalp it.

The next USDCAD draw on liquidity is sitting at the ( members only ) zone. A long term swing sits to the ( members only ) level, and even down to the ( members only ) range, based on structure being displaced on the Weekly and Monthly charts. You can get temporary scalps to the upside back to ( members only ) range, but ultimately a bearish picture is in store for this pair.

USOIL targets have been hit. We are remain bullish to the ( members only ) area… so if you are in a trade, keep taking profits on the way up.

We hit our GOLD entry, and took a draw ourselves at 1811 and 1823. Based on DXY behavior, GOLD could continue to ( members only ), and then ( members only )… which is the close of the void on the Daily timeframe. If you are going into the trade bullish, then look at SL at ( members only ). If it breaks down, price will go after the imbalance at ( members only ). If we go above ( members only ), then we will buy higher to ( members only ).

In BTCUSD, we closed bullish yesterday and are now at equilibrium, so we are looking for price to pullback to the imbalance at ( members only ), but then still remain bearish to ( members only ). If you do look for pullback buys, then set SL at ( members only ). It’s important to remember that it’s countertrend, so we remain bearish.

Yesterday, we took a levered long position on $LINK that is currently still open. Today we will be opening a spot position on BTC and longing other altcoins using leverage, so please keep an eye on that update. Most of our account will be sitting in BTC spot, which we will use as collateral for our levered positions.

Our main DXY catalyst for tomorrow is the Core PPI data & the Core Retail Sales data on Friday. Have a great day trading, and be sure to catch the replay so you can apply the GMT trading secrets.

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