Trading Psychology + New BTCUSD Sell Targets

Trading psychology is often overlooked, but is the most important tool in your toolbelt. Don’t get frozen in trades anymore.. understanding trading psychology helps you to interpret your reactions to master your emotions, know what to do in a given scenario, and how to avoid major pitfalls. You can watch the replay of today’s live session to learn how to fine tune your trading psychology, and we also have a separate education module that you can watch in the portal if you’re really looking to master your emotions and trading psychology.

High impact NFP data is coming tomorrow. The DXY should be sent higher with NFP tomorrow, if we don’t see it we could see a serious drop on the US Dollar index. Going into March we will be giving you more scalp trades on the live sessions and showing you how to take advantage of the previous days highs and previous days lows, identify external range, and find rejections to grab hold of.

Today we had an ECB interest rate bloodbath on the DXY, this is why we mentioned to reduce the risk to trade yesterday and this week. We are seeing a pullback based on the seasonality levels we pointed out this week, and we are watching this zone and wont be bearish until the ( members only ) level is broken. Long term we do remain bullish, unless NFP goes wrong tomorrow.

Our live session high was broken for EURUSD, tune in to the replay to see how to react to price.

For GBPUSD we are bearish to the ( members only ) level, especially if we go below the ( members only ) zone – we then could see a move down to the ( members only ) level.

NZDUSD price is moving on its own, regardless of what the US Dollar is doing. We see an upside to the ( members only ) range.

AUDUSD price is also doing its own thing, regardless of what the US Dollar does for today. If we trade above the ( members only ) level, then we would take buys. Remember to use the strength and trade pairs like AUDNZD. The draw is around the ( members only ) area, and also at the ( members only ) range.

EURGBP had a big move to the upside, and we can see the ( members only ) range as the next draw. If price closes above the ( members only ) level, then expect price to go higher… we will be looking for a buy opportunity.

We are waiting for a USDCAD price to pull back to the range around the ( members only ) level, and then target a buy to the ( members only ) zone.

If you took our USOIL idea yesterday make sure to place your SL to break even. We remain bearish… we don’t think price will close above the ( members only ) level, and should reject to ( members only ). If price does close above it, then target ( members only ). We saw movement on the live session as this strategy took effect – which is further proof of the immediate value members get when tuning in daily!

We see GOLD price as a pullback at this moment, and are bullish on the 4H timeframe. We are bearish for price to drop fast to ( members only ).

We hit our first TP on BTCUSD as price broke down and is avoiding premium. We now see price to continue going lower to the ( members only ) area, and have marked the ( members only ) zone, ( members only ) zone and finally ( members only ) levels. We identified two trades on the live session – be sure to catch the replay if you’re interested in trade ideas for BTC.

ETHUSD has broke down as well. We are at a potential swing high, and ultimately price could go to ( members only ). We prefer trading BTCUSD today as we believe it has higher probability.

And there’s a ton more of currency, crypto, commodities and other indices left to go over, paid members get to follow along with the trader daily inside our trading portal.

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