SP500 Trade Setup + ETHUSD Target Achieved

SP500 trade setup this morning! During today’s live session, we identified a simple SP500 trade setup with upside objectives that also fall in line with the US30 & NAS100 stock indices. We continue to dissect the Dollar index and relative currency strengths to give you the latest daily trade strategies. Don’t worry if you didn’t catch the live session, you can watch the replay and still take advantage of the SP500 trade setup.

The DXY traded into a pullback and close a void, and we still see it going higher. We are looking for OTE at ( members only ) level, where it may reverse back up.

EURUSD is in a pullback,but should come back to the levels from yesterday. NFP is this week, and ideally Euros should start reversing today so that we can get a trade tomorrow. For anyone who wants to just get in and not monitor the charts, we identified a short at current price with a stop loss at ( members only ), and hold it for the rest of the week.

For GBPUSD, we traded into the rejection zone that we identified yesterday, and were scalping it during the London session. On a short timeframe we can see price taking out consolidation at ( members only ). If price breaks the ( members only ) level, then we would cancel the shorts for now.

We see a continuation to the upside for NZDUSD regardless of what the USD will do, so keep watching the ( members only )( members only ) levels.

We gave you the area of accumulation for AUDUSD, and price reached it during the rate announcement. We remain bullish and showed you how to take advantage of the strength on the GBPAUD pair.

There is a bearish 4h order block for EURGBP… we want price to close above the ( members only ) before looking for a buy it to go to the gap at ( members only ).

We remain bullish on USDCAD, as CAD futures price looks weaker.

We are changing the USOIL buy idea based on further seasonality analysis of USOIL. There is a seasonal low on Feb 20, so we are selling short to ( members only ) and ( members only ), and may let it run further if it breaks market structure.

GOLD is almost at target from yesterday, where we think price will form a high of the week. If you are long, then scale out most of your position at that range. Don’t take everything off, leave a portion to see if it will go higher, targeting the ( members only ) area.

BTCUSD is almost at our target of ( members only ) level. We are keeping the draw there and then at ( members only ), depending on how price behaves at the first target. We are also marking the ( members only )( members only ) zone as a pullback area.

ETHUSD price went for the old low as we mentioned, and looks like it’s trying to close above it. If price closes above ( members only ), then it may close the( members only ) void, and potentially go to the ( members only )level. We identified the OTE, and why price is looking to trade further into premium on the range.

We also have a SP500 trade setup to the upside, with targets that were identified during the live session. We are coming to the draw that we mentioned yesterday at the ( members only ) level, and are looking to target the ( members only ) area, and then to the ( members only ) zone. We also set buy side objective targets for the US30 and NAS100, where any pullback is subject to buy. Make sure to tune in to the replay of the live session to take advantage of exclusive trade setups and to get the target ranges!

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