You have discovered Smart Money trading. This alone puts you in the 1%. But this alone will not make you successful. This is only the beginning. You have a long road ahead. You must now learn how to utilize this knowledge to capitalize in the markets. Best of luck, and always remember to...trade Smart!

Uncover how the Smart Money operates. Learn from basic to advanced knowledge of Institutional Forex trading.  Discover how you can weaponize this knowledge and become an assassin in the markets.  This will be your true edge in understanding how the markets work. Institutional trading is the key to unlocking it all.

” Once you understand it, there’s going to be a paradigm shift in your Mindset ” – Institute Trader

What and Who is Smart Money? 

The Smart Money that we refers to are any entity, individual or organization, or collective force that has the financial capacity to move price in the market. For more, read this.

Who are included in ‘Dumb Money’, ‘Street Money’ or ‘Retail’?

These are market participants other than the Smart Money. Street Money does not have the same access to privileged information that the Smart Money does. 

The institutional smart money trading concepts that the Institute Trader will teach you in the Forex Trading Room, will cause a paradigm shift in your fundamental understanding of trading in the financial markets, especially in FX. These concepts, combined with your current trading strategies will help you become more consistent,  disciplined, and effective trader in the markets.  

Are you tired of seeing your Stop Loss tagged then price reverses to your direction? Have you ever stopped to wonder why this happens over and over again? It’s called a stop hunt and it is Smart Money at play — this is their game. They own it and they make the rules. We are just participants playing their game. Ask yourself this; do you want to trade with the Smart Money, or do you want to trade against the Smart Money? 

If you want to learn how to trade likeSmart Money, join the Forex Trading Room and discover how we view the markets in their perspective. Discover how you can trade with them rather than against them. Learn how to track their footprints in the market. 

Develop the true edge you’ve been looking for in your trading.
Institute Trader

Your Mentor: Institute Trader

After many years of tracking Smart Money, IT has mastered the Breaker setup. He is learning to be a better Mentor everyday but he is always a Student of the Game.

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