Trade Setup Strategies + Second Profit Target Hit on AUDNZD

Trade setup strategies for BGPUSD, EURGBP and USOIL were shared to during today’s session. If you weren’t able to join us live, be sure to catch the replay to understand the analysis so that you can take advantage of these trade setups. And, keep reading to learn more about our perfect analysis on USDCAD long and our thoughts on a market structure break for BTCUSD.

We are still bearish on DXY. We can look for a spike up in the beginning of the week on Monday and Tuesday, then a continuation to the downside.

For EURUSD, we believe the order block on the H4 will fail, and that price will attack the low of the OB. We explained why in the live session – be sure to catch the replay if you missed it. Also, we still have a long bias.

Turning to GBPUSD, we still have a short bias and are looking for more downside. We have a sell trade setup targeting the local lows of the 15 min timeframe that we shared.

As we expected, NZDUSD dropped from Friday and came very close to our target at ( members only ) – but it has not hit it yet. We do expect it to make one more push to the downside to take out the low and reach the target. After that, we may look for reasons to go long.

We had a perfect analysis going long on USDCAD! It did exactly as we predicted, and the final target to look at is around ( members only ).

AUDUSD price has hit our targets from last week. Just as we expected, it has now come back down, and we believe it will drop into the ( members only ) area.

EURGBP didn’t do as we expected on Friday, and we talked about why during the live session. We also shared a buy scalp trade setup with a 3.17 RR!

We’ve hit TP2 at ( members only ) on AUDNZD! If we take out the short term low on the hourly timeframe, we can look for another entry to go long if it drops back to ( members only ), and take another entry to continue going up.

We provide a great trade setup on USOIL buy targeting the ( members only ) area. Entry should be around ( members only ).

For GOLD, price is looking to draw to ( members only ).

Looking at BTCUSD, we believe that if we break market structure on the 15 min timeframe, we may see more downside. If that plays out, look for BTC to drop into the gap below the ( members only ).

ETHUSD is seeing a spike, but should come down again from the ( members only ) range. We will look for sell opportunities there.

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