Optimal Trade Entry + Focus on Cross Pairs

Optimal trade entry was identified during today’s live session for EURGBP and USDCAD, and we detailed our focus on cross pairs. We’re also enjoying our first profit target on GOLD, and headed for TP2. If you’re looking to take advantage of our analysis to help increase your trading profit, then be sure to catch the replay and take a close look at the optimal trade entry analysis.

DXY is in a consolidation. We can be bearish to ( members only ) while we are in this range, but be careful with what you are doing while trading here. We are currently watching the previous day’s highs and lows to find the reversals inside the range on the 5 Minute chart.

EURUSD is in a range (much the same as DXY), and yesterday’s low was run and rejected. We are watching a run for a previous day’s high or previous day’s low, and then we are watching for a potential reversal.

GBPUSD can experience a drop, but EURGBP should push higher first. We are staying away from this pair for today.

NZDUSD price action is a bit awkward, so we are focusing on the cross pairs instead. That said, we are watching price here to see if we can find weakness in the NZDUSD. We identified the order blocks that we are watching on the live session, be sure to catch the replay if you missed it.

AUDUSD price has hit our targets. Now we are expecting price to come down a bit since we have found the break in market structure, and we will use this weakness to buy EURNZD.

EURGBP is trading into optimal trade entry. Next week should be interesting for this pair, because we expect a continuation of the reversal to the ( members only ) area, where we will start looking for buys. We identified a short for you on the live session as well.

USDCAD price took our target from yesterday as price hit the previous week’s low. We have a break in market structure on the lower timeframe, and we went over the levels in the live session for a potential entry for you – including an optimal trade entry at ( members only ). Be sure to watch the replay for full details.

USOIL is still doing what it’s supposed to do, and we hit our TP1 and waiting for TP2. The last up candle is currently holding price, however we should see some “fast” candles touching the ( members only ) once we break the ( members only ) high. IF it goes above the ( members only ) and you see a change in delivery, then price may start dropping down… so be vigilant.

Our GOLD sell is active to ( members only ), and then potentially to ( members only ).

BTCUSD is officially in a sideways market, so be careful. We are waiting to either break in either direction… so we see no reason to be trading this pair today.

ETHUSD is also stuck in a range. Let’s sit on our hands for now. We showed you how to spot a consolidation, it should only take 2 days to know if that happens.

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