Welcome traders, to another live trading session in the Trading Room. In today’s live session, we went over our GBPJPY and NZDCAD trades we took yesterday. We then found setups for XAUUSD, EURUSD and USDCAD. We are currently up +260 pips for the  week, and we still have the rest of the trading week to make more.

Yesterday we took a sell position on GBPJPY from 140.603, which led to a drop of 40 pips. We took partial profits then almost got stopped out at entry, but luckily we didn’t and the currency pair continued it’s move to the downside. We can expect another +50 pips from this signal but will keep you updated in our Telegram Channel if we decide to close early. We took a short position on NZDCAD, which is currently in slight draw down. We took another look at it during today’s session and the technical analysis says our short bias is still valid.

We expect XAUUSD (Gold) to make a push higher as it’s current selloff has stalled and the pair is resting at a good support level. We also found an opportunity to short the EURUSD pair once again. We are waiting for the pair to confirm our entry conditions before entering. Lastly, we found a potential intraday long opportunity on USDCAD with a final target of 1.33400. For non-members, keep in mind that even if these final targets do not get hit, we are still taking profits along the way.

We are having a great start to the trading week and we are almost at our goal of +300 weekly pips. The fundamental schedule for the rest of week is relatively clear, so we should a few more solid setups to take. We will see you all tomorrow for another live trading session. Happy trading!!


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