Bitcoin Target from Friday Achieved + Gold Rejection Area Unlocked

BTC, Gold, NZD and others have reached our projections and ready for some action. DXY bulls are still in charge today, with Core Retail Sales coming in above forecast, this puts the pressure on the Majors with the Euro already looking weak.

The DXY keeps on trucking, we were looking for price to hit 95.575 which it has, and now to keep carrying to the 95.735 level. EURUSD will continue dropping based on the Dollar’s movement. Will see EURUSD drop to at least the 1.13000 figure where price might give a bounce.

For GBPUSD, we are looking for a bearish continuation. As well, we are waiting for a EURGBP reversal to see GBPUSD continue moving down with the EUR. All eyes are on the Euro because it is weak. For GBPUSD on the 1H chart, wait for the range 1.34350 – 1.34171 to give up, this will be a break in market structure, and we can target profits at 1.33537 area.

With NZDUSD, yesterday, we were looking at a break on the 1H candle at the 0.70634 and if so to target a sell order down to 0.70208, and of course if you were watching you would have caught this setup! We are still waiting for it to go lower to close in the void at the 0.69814 level.

BTCUSD has some decisions to make but we are ready, it hit the exact levels called on Friday. However, BTC will probably attack the low of $57,605 IF we close below the imbalance of the $63,237 – $61,596 range. This could signal the beginning of filling several more imbalance ranges below this price, very important to note.

XAUUSD is rejecting the 1872.272 area we were looking at yesterday, keep an eye on this one, better yet, watch the live session, its available for our members in the portal.

For tomorrow, we have the Pound and Loonie CPI releases in the news, lots of FOMC speeches lined up as well, which of course always contain something to speculate on.

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