SOL & BTC Setup + Oil in Profits & Bullish Dollar, Bearish Majors

Hope everyone is excited for another week of in depth market analysis. We certainly are, since our US OIL trade is carrying into deeper profits. As well as closing off the NZDUSD trade hitting all take profits! Don’t worry there is a fresh outlook on this pair for members only. Lets kick it off with keeping an eye on GBP and AUD monetary minutes in the news for today.

The Dollar Index remains in tact, still expecting price to go to the 95.392 – 95.735 range, applying the liquidity void lesson according to imbalance on the weekly chart as well as being above the equilibrium of the daily range – do keep an eye on 94.948 – 94.903 order block area as if price falls below this point we can head back down.

EURUSD we can expect much of the same bearish sentiment as long as we don’t go above the 1.14576 – 1.14780 area off of the monthly, similar to the DXY we have an imbalance to close. Keep an eye on the 1.13928 area for a potential bounce (not necessarily a buy just a bounce), we would look for a retrace to sell again.

Fridays high of 1.34324 area on GBPUSD has been taken several times and rejected, waiting to break market structure, watch the short time low down candle on the 15 minute chart from earlier today, if it breaks we are looking to sell. We hold steady on most of our analysis on the majors.

Checking on our cryptos, we have active trades on both SOLUSD and BTCUSD. We are bullish on Solana both long term and short term. It is one to keep your eye on for higher upside. If you are looking for a SOL entry or trading then keep an eye for a retracement to 234.36974515 – 230.74727336 area, if you set a stop loss target below the gap ending around the 228.87312027 area.

Tomorrow morning, we have the Core Retail Sales landing first thing in the morning for the DXY, with a bullish projection supporting the current DXY bulls. Lets make sure to stay glued to this one.

And there’s a ton more of currencies, commodities, cryptos, and other indices left to go over, paid members get to follow along with our daily TA inside our trading portal.