Happy Friday Traders. In today’s live session we went over our +250 pip trading week and the trades we took to get there. Each setup was explained once again to give everyone a refresher on price action trading.

We started off the week with a beautiful short trade on EURUSD which led to a profit of 73 pips. During the midweek we were able to short #EURUSD again, along with GBPUSD and Gold to bring in another 120 pips. We followed those set of trades with a swing sell on AUDCHF, which we will continue to hold in profit well into next week.

Aside from our AUDCHF trade, I expect us to sell EURUSD. This is because it has respected our descending channel all week, and the #Dollar is starting to make some gains. We look forward to the pair making an attempt to visit 1.09300. To end of the session, we discussed the potential buy and sell scenarios for GBPAUD for next week.

I will see you all on Monday at 11:00 AM EST for another FREE live session. Have a great weekend everyone!