Optimal Trade Entry + BTC & ETH Short Term Trading Strategies

Optimal trade entry was reviewed for a number of major currency pairs in today’s live session. With tensions high in the markets and reacting to the invasion of the Ukraine by Russia, more and more of our members are turning to our daily live market analysis, looking for help with overall bias and optimal trade entry… so let’s get started with today’s recap.

We are still bullish for DXY and see more upside. For us to be bearish, we would have to take out the ( members only ) level… our upside target is ( members only ).

For EURUSD, we are bearish and looking for a continuation to the downside. It has pulled back and you can look for an entry with the optimal trade entry technique.

We have been short on GBPUSD since Friday, and are looking for ( members only ) and ( members only ) as our downside targets. If price goes higher, look for it to run above a swing high, then break market structure to turn around to the downside.

We gave an optimal trade entry for NZDUSD on Friday to sell short, which is still trading within the order block on the daily timeframe. Look for it to run above the previous day high of ( members only ), then look to sell short again. We continue to have a bearish bias unless it closes above the previous daily candle high of ( members only ).

We are bearish on AUDUSD and see a sell forming. Look for the H1 order block to sell short within the ( members only ) to ( members only ) zone for further downside.

We are still bullish on EURGBP, even though we have retraced back down. We will be leaving this trade on and will take our profits at ( members only ), which is slightly lower than our original target.

For USDCAD, we gave some buying opportunities and outlined a few different scenarios to play it depending on the timeframe of your trade… but scalping is probably the way to go.

If price for USOIL trades down to ( members only ), it can offer a buy opportunity for the upside. If it does not do that, then leave this alone.

Tuning to GOLD, it is very hard to read the direction right now so we will leave XAUUSD alone for now. If you are looking to trade it, it is probably best to look for scalps on the 15 min timeframe.

Looking to BTC, we think ETH is probably a better trade right now. The short term bias is bullish, as it has started creating a swing long. However, in the long run we don’t see this as the bottom of the bear market.

For ETH, we believe that price has formed a temporary bottom. We can see more upside for the shorter term on the 4H timeframe, but for the long term we still have more downside to go.

To see chart work or for further details on optimal trade entry, be sure to watch the replay of today’s New York live session in the portal.

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