Welcome to another free live trading session. In today’s session we went over how we trade using our price action trading strategy. We reviewed each trade that we took and trades we did not take this week, and why. We explained the key components of the trading strategy to give you an idea of how simple, yet effective this trading strategy can be. We made a total profit of +250 pips this week with zero losing trades using this very trading strategy.

Our EURNZD and EURUSD trades from last week brought in another +130 pips profit on Monday. We used our price action trading strategy to explain why we took the two trades. After our final take profit target for EURNZD was achieved, we looked for entry confirmations to go short again. However, since that entry criteria were not met, we decided not to take the trade. Please watch the full live trading session for a detailed explanation on the entry criteria and confirmations to look for.

Although this was a slower week than most, we were still able to find solid trade setups for XAUUSD (Gold), EURUSD, EURCAD and AUDUSD. Our XAUUSD Gold trade resulted in 60 pips of profit, AUDUSD bought in another 50 pips, EURCAD is currently up 60 pips, and EURUSD has started it’s move down. We are still holding all of the previously mentioned trades other then XAUUSD,  where we may see a possible selloff in gold.

Amid all the Brexit discussions this week, our team was able to not only avoid being affected by the economic news, but we were able to secure some nice growth on all of members accounts. Many traders in our Forex Trading Room Portal are also starting to take trades of their own and finding success using the price action trading strategy we teach.

We have another FREE live trading session on Monday at 11:00 am EST, so if you are still on the fence or have questions be sure to join and ask RP Forex when he streams live in our Forex Trading Room Portal.

We will see you all then, have a great weekend.

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