In today’s live session, we went over our 160 pips that were made last night from our GBPAUD and GBPUSD trades. The technical analysis for both trades was explained in yesterday’s live trading session.

The Pound (GBP)  continues to crumble as speculation around the No-deal Brexit weighs on investors and technical analysis pointing to further lows. We took advantage of this in our session yesterday, and entered two solid short trades. Over the London session, these trades developed and brought in a substantial amount of profits.

Additionally, our AUDCHF swing trade has brought as another 110 pips of profit. We have been holding this trade for almost a week now. It’s always good to take a mixture of swing and intraday trades. For potential setups for the remainder of the week, we seek possible EURUSD sells upon closure below 1.09280. Our Gold short came into play as discussed in yesterday’s live session, and was tapped 1503 like expected.

As the trading week dwindles down, we want to make sure we control our greed and not over trade. We are currently up +340 pips for the week and have still 48 hours left in the trading week. With that being said, we want to take only the best available setups and stay true to our price action trading strategy. Tomorrow is our FREE session, so be sure to join and invite any friends that might benefit. I will see you all again tomorrow, at 11:00 AM EST on our Portal.

Watch the Session Here: