Welcome to another free live trading session. In today’s live stream, we went over the price action analysis of the major currency pairs: EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY and XAUUSD. We were able to find potential trade setups for all four currency pairs, and we did a live trade entry on EURUSD and XAUUSD. We are currently waiting for confirmation for GBPUSD and USDJPY to enter. You can join RP Forex’s Telegram Channel by clicking here to keep up to date.

We had a very successful NFP trading week, and thankfully this we don’t have as much news release as last week. You can see all the upcoming  news releases with our Economic Calendar in the Trading Room. This feature is available for all free users as well. Since we don’t have a lot of noise in the markets this week, we were able to enter two trades today, even on a Monday morning. We can accredit most of the price movements in the major currency pairs due to Tehran (Iran) violating it’s Nuclear Deal. Among many of the violations, Iran decided to make a centrifuge that is 50 times faster than allowed under the nuclear deal with world powers. This has caused some tension among the European Union and Iran.

Last week, we took a short position on AUDCHF, which has stayed near and around our entry. Taking another look at this currency pair, we can see the technical analysis remains valid, We will continue to hold this trade and should expect another +100 pip drop on the pair. Remember to join RP’s Telegram Channel to stay up to date.

Now that we have a few trades open trades running to start the trading week, we will avoid over-trading by letting them play out. We will see you all tomorrow at 11:00 AM EST for another live trading session. We are expecting a great trading week.

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