In today’s free live trading session, we talked about the major currency pairs that we will be looking at this week. We had a phenomenal week last week, bringing in a total of +320 pips without a single losing trade. We’ll aim to continue the hot winning streak this week.

There was a great deal of movements in the markets this morning due to some issues with the US-China trade war. It appears there are some issues regarding the phase one of the deal. The details are vague, but it’s clear that the US-China trade-war is far from over.

During the live session, we took a short position on GBPUSD. Currently, we are in some drawdown, but if our current resistance holds, we can expect a significant push down. We were also able to identify a potential long trade setup on XAUUSD. However, we’ll need some more confirmation with our entry conditions before buying.

We went on to discuss this week’s scheduled events on the economic news calendar. We noticed this trading week’s schedule is relatively clear, except for a slew of European fundamentals news releases on Friday. With that being said, we can expect a slower week than usual. We will take a deeper dive into the markets during tomorrow’s session with our members in the Trading Room.

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