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Access to our Live Trading Room with Bloomberg Live

1 Daily Live Trading Sessions

  • 1 NYC Forex Live Session
  • 1 London Live Session

Forex Signals from 5 Signal Providers

  • AtomFX – Intraday Trading
  • BravoFX – Swing Trading
  • BladeFX – Intraday Trading
  • GauntletFX – Swing Trading
  • Captain Jon Morgan



Experienced Forex Traders & Educators

Learn how to become a profitable trader by leveraging our experts’ knowledge, expertise, and successful trading strategies.

Profitable Trading Strategies

Earn while you learn from our professional traders by following their trade signals and enjoy the benefits of successful forex trading.

Save Time Analyzing Charts

No more spending hours analyzing the forex charts. We’ll find the best trade setups and send them your way. Better yet, we can manage your trading account!

24/7 Email & WhatsApp Support

Our friendly support staff is at your service 24/7. Get in touch with them via email or on WhatsApp at +1-647-918-3131

Daily Live Forex Signals

Receive Daily Live Forex Signals from 5 Signal Providers directly to your phone or desktop via Telegram and in our Forex Trading Room.

3 Daily Live Trading Sessions

New York & London Session


Tune in to 2 daily live Forex Trading Sessions in the Trading Room with Jon Morgan. The first one will be the New York Live Session at 8:30 AM EST, and the second one is the London Live Session at 5:30 AM EST. Jon will be analyzing the forex market with you, provide trading ideas for all the major currency pairs, and answering any questions you may have.

DeCrypto Markets


Tune in to our daily live DeCrypto Trading Session in the Trading Room with DeCrypto Markets, also with Jon Morgan. The session is at 2:00 PM EST where Jon will talk about any major news and updates in the currency world, provide technical and fundamental analysis on major pairs and the major coins, and Q&A at the end of every session. DeCrypto Markets offers this service separately as well. 


I really enjoy the daily live sessions, they help me tremendously with my own trading. Jon really knows his stuff when it comes to Gann analysis. I can’t believe no one else out there is teaching it, it’s actually so mind-boggling!

АлександрVIP Trading Room Member

AtomFX and BravoFX are two of the most consistent signal providers I have come across, and I’ve used many signal services. Both of them being on the same platform for only $57 per month is amazing!

SteviePremium 365 Member

Jon changed my entire approach to trading the markets. I have a better sense of direction with Gann’s style of analysis. I feel like I’m becoming a better trader each week. You guys rock for providing such a great service, and your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed!

SamsonExecutive Member

Take your trading to the next level.

Access to our Live Trading Room with Bloomberg Live

3 Daily Live Trading Sessions

  • 2 Forex Live Sessions
  • 1 Crypto Live Session

Forex Signals from 5 Signal Providers

  • AtomFX – Intraday Trading
  • BravoFX – Swing Trading
  • BladeFX – Intraday Trading
  • GauntletFX – Swing Trading
  • Captain Jon Quenta
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