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Day Trading Simplified + GOLD Targets Hit
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NFP data gives DXY Surge + ETHUSD & EURGBP Targets Hit
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Reversal Strategies in Effect + BTCUSD Imbalance

Reversal Strategies in Effect + BTCUSD Imbalance

Our reversal strategies took official effect on yesterday’s…
January 13, 2022/by Forex Lens News
Trading Secrets Revealed + GOLD & USOIL Targets Hit

Trading Secrets Revealed + GOLD & USOIL Targets Hit

What are the GMT trading secrets? It has to do with time, yes,…
January 12, 2022/by Forex Lens News
Currency Strategies + Crypto Bears Still Shredding

Currency Strategies + Crypto Bears Still Shredding

Today’s currency strategies are influenced by Federal Chair…
January 11, 2022/by Forex Lens News
BTC Reversal + DXY Bulls Still in the Game

BTC Reversal + DXY Bulls Still in the Game

A BTC reversal could be on the way. We continue to reach our…
January 10, 2022/by Forex Lens News
Trade Signal Profits + All BTCUSD & USOIL Targets Hit Again

Trade Signal Profits + All BTCUSD & USOIL Targets Hit Again

Trade signal profits were reached this morning on GBPCAD, delivering…
January 7, 2022/by Forex Lens News
All BTCUSD & USOIL Targets Hit + DXY Still Teetering

All BTCUSD & USOIL Targets Hit + DXY Still Teetering

All BTCUSD targets were reached yesterday, right down to our…
January 6, 2022/by Forex Lens News
DXY Pairs Consolidating + Ranges Spotted for NFP Friday

DXY Pairs Consolidating + Ranges Spotted for NFP Friday

New variants are still popping up around the world. ADP comes…
January 5, 2022/by forexlens
Gold Trade Profit Hit + EURGBP Looking To Reverse

Gold Trade Profit Hit + EURGBP Looking To Reverse

Our GOLD trade hit profit today, and we are recommending trailing…
January 4, 2022/by Forex Lens News
DXY Starts 2022 Headed for Target + Potential Reversal on Gold

DXY Starts 2022 Headed for Target + Potential Reversal on Gold

The DXY starts 2022 with a move toward our target, while we start…
January 3, 2022/by Forex Lens News

2022 Crypto Trends + New Year, New Strategies

Let’s talk about upcoming 2022 crypto trends. Our crypto analysts…
December 31, 2021/by Forex Lens News
DXY Price to Rise in 2021 + GBP and AUD Remain Strong

DXY Price to Rise in 2021 + GBP and AUD remain strong

Our bias on DXY price has not changed… we are still expecting…
December 30, 2021/by Forex Lens News
BTC Profits Reached + DXY Back in Consolidation

BTC Profits Reached + DXY Back in Consolidation

BTC profits were reached for any members that decided to use…
December 29, 2021/by Forex Lens News
Price Action + USOIL Setups Shared
Dollar Cost Averaging How To Buy Early and Keep Your Gains
Reduce Trade Risk + BTC and ETH Strategies
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