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Managed Accounts

How would you like to consistently earn an extra 10 – 20% return each month on your capital with no trading experience?

Inside the Managed Accounts Program, you will earn as much as 30% per month (sometimes higher) with our account manager  trading on your behalf.  Discover how you can take home consistent profits on a monthly basis with no prior experience or knowledge in forex trading.

Imagine earning your current income, and adding an extra side income by letting our trader trade for you. Imagine earning an extra  $1000 per month for every $5000  in your trading account. 

Now you might be thinking, how do we make money if we don’t charge a monthly fee? How can you trust us with your money? How do you know we’re not going to take your money and run away?  These are all great questions.

Unlike other services, we have no monthly recurring subscription fee for our managed accounts service. We operate on a profit-share basis, and we only make money when you make money. We believe this is the best way to operate, and the most fair. 

Our account manager has traded many managed funds throughout his trading career. He currently manages multiple 6-figure accounts for large companies at his firm, and earns tens of thousands per month from commissions. This means the clients earn more than tens of thousands collectively through this proprietary trading strategy.

If you join our MAM Program today with as low as $500 USD, you could take a piece of those profits for yourself. You would be able to take advantage of a service that is generally offered to huge investment firms, and you would be able to see returns you would never see trading on your own. Best of all, you would be able to do all this with no extra time or energy allocated to the markets.  If you deposit minimum $5000 or $10,000, you would be eligible for lower rates for performance fees.  See more here.

Your funds are 100% secure with us. We never have direct access to your funds – only trading access. There are no commitments and you can withdraw at any time, no limitations, and withdrawal can only be done by you, the depositor.

Our third-party regulated broker FX Choice handles all the trust issues you would experience with other managed accounts.

Here’s what our Managed Account Program will do for you…

  • Save you countless hours studying and analyzing charts
  • Allow you to earn while you learn at your own pace 
  • Earn exponentially more than letting your money sit in the bank
  • Generate an additional stream of income without extra work
  • Potentially be your vehicle to achieve financial freedom and success

Shockingly, over 80% of traders quit within the first 2 years of learning how to trade, and this contributes to the vast majority of failed traders. Forex trading requires a tremendous amount of time and commitment to learn and master. Can you afford the time or capital required to learn how to trade for yourself?  If you have read up to this point, it means you may not have that luxury, or perhaps you are just looking to diversify. Either way, it means you are looking for other options.

Here are your 3 options…

Option 1: Give up on your dreams of becoming a successful trader in the forex market – but let’s be frank,  you wouldn’t be reading this if you were ready to give up.

Option 2: Learn how to trade on your own, and go through the trials of becoming a profitable trader. This can be a rollercoaster ride with never-ending ups and downs. This requires a tremendous amount of time, patience, dedication, and equity – often times over $5000.

Option 3: Register for our Managed Accounts Program and let QuantumX trade for you. Continue on with your busy life and monitor your account’s performance once a day. Treat yourself to some profits at the end of the month or leave it in to compound for more. Best thing about this option is you will get to participate in the forex market without allocating extra time or energy out of your busy routine.

Letting your money sit in the bank is not doing you any good. Even if you leave it in the S&P 500, the long term average gain is only 0.91% per month.  How are your other investments working out for you? Perhaps it’s time to try something new. This golden opportunity won’t be around for long, as we have a short term contract with this trader. With as low as $500 to lose, and so much to potentially gain, the risk to reward is, well, rewarding. 

Take advantage now. 

Join our Managed Accounts now and start making your money work for you!

(If we ever have a negative month, we will offer you a free month membership for our forex signal service – redeemable at any time)


Once you open an account, speak with our live support agent to assist you further.


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