NFP Week is OVER. Thank goodness. Not to say that this week wasn’t profitable, it was (+303 pips), it was just draining to keep track of all the fundamentals and to find setups that weren’t going to be affected.

Nonetheless, this week was another productive one. We had ZERO trades hit their stop loss. That is right each loss (there was two) was done so by manual closure. We had two loses, one that was -10 pips and the other -12 pips. That’s it. That is the best way to trade. To keep our winners large, and our loses small.

Our major winners for the week were definitely GBPJPY & GBPCAD shorts, which brought in a combined 240 pips. During yesterday’s live session I did a live call on EURAUD shorts which brought in another 40 pips with no initial drawdown.

This week’s pip count does not include profits made from setups given during the live session, such as Gold longs (+120 pips) and GBPUSD longs (100 pips). Like always, each setup is carefully explained on why it’s being taken and what the necessary criteria are for a valid entry. There aren’t many if any signal services that do live analysis of the trades that are taken and at the end of it all, average 300 pips per week. Most of our clients, tend to make back the subscription fee within the first week. However, you cannot put a price tag on the value of LEARNING how to trade instead of blindly taking signals.

Next week, we set our aim on potential GBPUSD longs and further downside for EURAUD. I will see you all again on Monday at 11:00 AM EST for our next free live session. Take care and have a great weekend!

Watch the Full Live Session Here: