We have been getting a lot of questions regarding our MAM Managed Accounts lately and we thought that maybe some of you may have these questions as well. We decided to answer some of these FAQs in this post.


What is the minimum amount I can start with for the MAM Managed Accounts?

You can start with as low as $500 USD, however the management fee will be higher (50%) than if you start with $5000 (30%). If you deposit over $5000, you can qualify for a discounted membership with the Premium or Trading Room Membership (Ask us about this!).


Why was the max drawdown so high in April in the MAM Managed Accounts?

This caused a bit of concern so we advised Jon to lower the risk. Now, the account is traded more conservatively and will never revisit that level again.


What type of trading does Jon Morgan use for the MAM Managed Accounts? 

Jon studies the work of William Gann, a founding father of technical analysis. Jon’s trading is primarily based on Gann Analysis, which you can follow each morning at 8:30 AM EST in our VIP Trading Room (we record & upload the videos shortly after as well).


What are the terms for withdrawals with the MAM Managed Accounts?

There are no terms, you can deposit and withdraw from your sub-account freely with FX Choice. They will take care of the profit-sharing at the end of the investment period.


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