US Unemployment Claims at 5 Decade Low + GBP Setup & MANA in Profit

All around neutrality from fundamental events this morning, the biggest winner of course is the unemployment claims. Those are coming in under the forecast at a 5 decade low, alongside a stable GDP run for the quarter. We can see that DXY is still pumping strong.

The DXY bull run is not over, and the neutrality of the news events so far today keep the cadence going. We are getting close to our target of 97.813 for today and probably looking at the 98.000 area after this. For today we are staying out of EURUSD… we have been waiting for it to fill the 1.12000 area, and now that it has, EURUSD might consolidate for a while. We’re focusing on GBPUSD instead, our next downside objective is 1.33000 and carry on to 1.32200. In Crypto, we are in positions on ETH, SOL and MANA which has really taken off. We cover tons more inside, so don’t miss the Live Sessions (if you do, its okay because we upload the recordings right after they are streamed)!

Tomorrow, we are reading the European Central Banks Monetary policy accounts for insights, but otherwise should be a slower week fundamentally. Since tomorrow is also US Thanksgiving, we wont be seeing any major moves, but this is a good time to watch how the markets responds to less New York Session participation.

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