Trade Setup Request Hits TP1 + DXY Rally Continues

A trade setup request on AUDNZD by a member has achieved the first take profit target! This is an important reminder why it’s profitable to tune in and ask questions about potential trade setups during the New York Live session at 9AM EST, every Mon-Fri. If you’ve got your eye on a potential trade setup, why not ask our Smart Money trader for analysis and insight?

We remain bullish on the DXY and expect price to reach to the ( members only ) level. We identified the gap to watch, we will change our bias should price break it, but for now we remain bullish. Make sure to watch the live session for full details.

EURUSD to downside at the ( members only ) level… we cover more detail on a potential trade setup on the live session.

For GBPUSD, we expect to see a continuation to the downside to the ( members only ) level, and to gap at the ( members only ) area… so you can look for sells on GBP.

We are still bearish on NZDUSD. Make sure you have taken partials on NZDUSD as it dropped to the gap, it may consolidate now with a continuation to the downside. We will wait until it breaks out, and have set targets for either side, so be sure to refer to the targets in the live session.

AUSUSD should go for the ( members only ) level as the downside objective. Feel free to participate in a sell if we pull back into the order block that we define on the 1H timeframe. We may see resistance at the the gap at the ( members only ) area, so that would be a good target for the first take profit and let it ride down.

We might be seeing a stop run on EURGBP, but we expect a reversal to keep going up to the ( members only ) level.

USDCAD hit our target, and we can still see it trade up a bit higher into a deeper premium. The 1.27500 area can be the next draw on liquidity, but first a retracement to the ( members only ) range.

We hit our target for USOIL, and at the gap we are looking at taking partials at ( members only ) and then close at ( members only ).

For GOLD, we are looking for a break in market structure and then looking for a buy. Remember to watch the replay of the live session where you can even place a member trade setup request. And, of course, if you have questions or need your timeframe analyzed be sure to join in and ask!

We are still bearish on BTCUSD, however we do expect a pullback for this week. The 1H broke market structure, so we are looking for a retracement and then to up to the ( members only ) level, and then the ( members only ) level, with an OTE level at ( members only ). After this, wait and see what happens next. Keep in mind, we have to break market structure on the daily timeframe for us to reverse, and we don’t see that happening right now.

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