Smart Money Trade Setups + ETHUSD Targets

Smart Money trade setups were shared during our live session this morning to wish all fellow traders a happy Monday! We hope that you are as ready for another week of profits and excitement as we are. As this second week of February kicks in, we are excited to announce that it’s officially trading season, and we are ready more than ever to help you maximize your profits and to identify high probability Smart Money trade setups!

For the DXY, we want to close above the ( members only ) level today to confirm a swing low. We will not touch the EUR, AUS & NZD until we see how today closes. Based on price action, the GBPUSD pair is giving a sell signal from Friday. We are bullish on the DXY, but let’s wait for the confirmation.

For EURUSD, we are waiting for a swing high confirmation for price to go lower. We are looking for price to close below Fridays low… and we would specifically like to see a big down candle first.

We are bearish on GBPUSD from Friday to the 4H gap at the ( members only ) area for most of your profit, with partials down to the ( members only ) zone.

NZDUSD price might stay sideways, but is subject to drop since we did not get a swing high confirmation. If we trade below Friday’s low (around the ( members only ) area), then expect price to keep going lower. We cover what to do with both sides of the market, be sure to catch the replay to learn about these Smart Money trade setups and strategies!

AUDUSD closed with a classic swing high, so we might have a trade idea on our hands. Ideally, price may go higher into the premium range at the breaker and the bearish order block. Our strategy is to wait for tomorrow and watch the lows that at the ( members only ) level, and then to go lower to the ( members only ) area. Be aware of pullbacks!

The price seasonality on EURGBP that we discussed has kicked in, and we are looking for price to keep going higher. We see a Market Maker Buy Model (MMBM) on the 4H, and identified a re-accumulating zone. That is expected to send price higher at the equal high at the ( members only ) level as the next draw on liquidity, so we suggest that you leave a partial at the next level’s higher at the ( members only ) zone, and potentially even further. Find out how and why you can take advantage of this Smart Money trade setup on the replay of today’s daily live session!

We are bullish to the ( members only ) area for USDCAD, please tune into the live session to get the full breakdown on price and how this gets activated.

We are bullish this week for USOIL and have spotted the levels to watch for you. We are watching the order block at around the ( members only ) level to the ( members only ) area with ( members only ) as the best entry zone, the precise range is identified for you on the live session and in the VIP discord channel.

Lots of manipulation on the price of GOLD as price rejected our levels on Friday. We are monitoring to see if price will go up to the premium breaker for this week. On the weekly chart, we shared the swing high anticipation at the ( members only ) zone.

BTCUSD is drawing higher to the ( members only ) area. Looking up a bit higher, there is also an imbalance at around the ( members only ) level.

ETHUSD has gone beyond what we were expecting ,we are watching the the inefficiency to the ( members only ) area as the next draw!

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