Reversal Strategies in Effect + BTCUSD Imbalance

Our reversal strategies took official effect on yesterday’s close of the DXY below the 95.500 level. It was also a rocky start for the DXY this morning, because CPI data came in below expected and unemployment claims are up. But, we are not worried about the why and how… just the price. This is why we cover ourselves with alternative reversal strategies and chart guides so that we are not surprised when price moves against our bias. So, don’t scrap those previous levels, since price still has potential to reactivate the upside. And make sure to watch the live session replay in the portal to get the full details on our reversal strategies.

We are now bearish on the DXY. We are looking at the ( members only ) level as the next new target, as this is where the monthly order block starts from. Watch the live session to understand what price did, and how to take advantage of the multiple setups we have in play now. We have been discussing these all week, to be prepared should the DXY fall down.

EURUSD is now activating the upside objective to ( members only ) level.

GBPUSD can go to the ( members only ) level, but if you are going for it, we suggest that you take a small position. Make sure to tune in to today’s live session replay to find out what the setup looks like.

AUDUSD went to the price closure that we identified yesterday, and we still expect it to go higher. That said, price will have a fight between the ( members only ) range… if it pulls back, then it’s a retracement and should continue higher up to the ( members only ) area. We identified inner imbalances and draws to target for multiple TP levels on the live session.

NZDUSD came after the levels that we outlined yesterday. We are now eyeing the ( members only ) level, which is the 50% draw on liquidity. After that, we are looking to target ( members only ), followed by ( members only ), and finally, ( members only ) levels.

EURGBP should move up higher to the ( members only ) range. However, if we go below ( members only ), then we will go down to ( members only ), and lower to ( members only ). Keep an eye on the range and watch the replay of today’s live session on the portal to understand how to set yourself up for both directions.

For USDCAD, we said yesterday that we should close the imbalance on the Weekly timeframe, and it has gone through that now. Price will probably go for the ( members only ) level, which is the draw on liquidity. We expect a pull back to the range at ( members only ) (be aware it can go a bit higher to close some stops), and then for price to finally bounce back down to the draw at ( members only ).

On USOIL, we almost came to the imbalance identified earlier this week, and are still expecting the same bias for today to the upside, targeting the ( members only ) level and potentially up to ( members only ). However, we are in a high monthly order block, so be careful and nimble with your buys now.

GOLD has been consolidating, and we have the same bias from yesterday on a nimble buy position to the upside at the ( members only ) level.

BTCUSD has been consolidating, but is likely to trade up higher to ( members only ). Please be aware of the imbalance there, and it is advisable to take partials at ( members only ) and ( members only ). Price could also attack the ( members only ) so don’t close everything on the imbalance. Remember, as soon as you see one of the 4H order blocks, give up then close the trade! If that happens, don’t worry… we should see price come back down again.

In the world of altcoins, we see more optimism in the markets, so we’ve added some weight this morning to some of our current positions and made some other minor adjustments to our open trades. Our ONE position hit our target yesterday and we closed out in profits… congratulations to anyone that joined us in profit. If you’re also looking to DCA and pick up some spot positions on quality assets, FTM and ONE are ones to focus on.

Congratulations to anyone that took yesterday’s AUDJPY Trade Idea by Supply & Demand, and closed with a nice profit and at +5.89R. Don’t forget that we will be reacting to the Core Retails Sales data for the DXY tomorrow morning, so make sure to tune in to get the latest update on trading and reversal strategies.

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