In today’s live trading session, we went over the trades we took this week to make +220 pips as well as as setups to trade next week. This week was a great bounceback week as we had zero losing trades and made a considerable amount of growth.

One of the major winning trades this week was our short for EURAUD. This short trade netted up to +110 pips for our traders. Another fantastic trade was our GBPJPY intraday long. This trade took less than two minutes to analyze before it was called and entered live. Within a day, our final target of +70 pips was obtained. In yesterday’s session, we also presented a long scenario for USDCAD, which had an upside target of 1.41300. Currently, the price has crossed 1.41000.

For the rest of the session, we identified setups for next week. A setup of particular interest is a long for Gold (XAUUSD). The precious metal has managed to ease its way back near the 1700 psychological level. This may be contributed to the depreciation in the US Dollar due to increasing stimulus packages for Covid-19. Another setup of interest is a short for AUDUSD. After a rally all week, AUDUSD began to slip and give back its gains. This pair may present an entry to go short on Monday if price action stays as is.

April came and went, and hopefully, Covid-19 goes away just as quickly. With a new monthly candle, we will be able to get some insight into how Q2 may end up for some pairs. We hope you all had a great week and have made some strides in your trading journey. Have a great weekend and please be safe!