Parched US CPI Data + GBPUSD Nearing TP 3

We have taken partial profits on GBPUSD this week, and still have one more Take Profit #3 to hit for Smart Money’s trade idea.

Today’s CPI data gave a mixed sentiment for DXY. Our HTF direction still remains. We are in a consolidation. Consolidation leads to expansion and so we are expecting expansion soon. Our target still remains ( members only )

EURUSD is a mirror image of what the DXY is doing so we are watching both closely to see what should happen going forward. But we still expect lower prices. We are currently in a season where price is just moves randomly making it a little hard to read. So be careful with your trades.

We are still bearish on GBPUSD. Next week we will see what the COT will say and that will give us an indication of the next potential move.

For AUDUSD, we will be looking into the COT report going into this weekend to give us an idea what should happen going to the next trading. Currently, it is unclear until more candles are formed. But we used the strength in AUD to get a trade on AUDCAD today and we are almost at TP 1.

With NZDUSD, we will be looking into the COT report going into this weekend to give us an idea what should happen going to the next trading. We should have a better idea after some more candles are formed.

EURGBP, price retraced into discount today but we didn’t take any action as its Friday. We will be going over the futures market over the weekend to see what should unfold next week. We believe price will go higher again for next week targeting ( members only ).

We identified a potential shorting opportunity yesterday on USOIL and we executed today. We are looking for price to drop to the level we identified yesterday: ( members only ).

Gold is still in a consolidation so we will be looking into the fundamentals this weekend to see where the big boys wants to take price next week.

BTC has shown signs of dropping so we are going to continue to sell till we get to $( members only ). After that we will then look what will happen next. For now expect lower prices.

Next week we are looking out for the US PPI, Core Retail sales, Unemployment claims & FOMC. We are also jam packed with Eurozone reports for the week.

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