NFP data gives DXY Surge + ETHUSD & EURGBP Targets Hit

NFP data is here! We took advantage of this morning’s DXY Pump off of the NFP data, and we hit multiple minor pair targets plus ETHUSD & EURGBP targets from yesterday. While we waited for the GOLD 4H candle to close during the live session, we showed some scalp techniques that you can apply on the 5 Minute chart. Be sure to watch the replay to understand the NFP data and scalp techniques.

Our Dollar Index reversal area that we mentioned yesterday has panned out based on NFP data from this morning… this has potential to be the OTE we want. The seasonal tendency calls for higher price on the DXY, and we need just one more candle to confirm a swing low. On the other hand (the lesser likely scenario), we could also be seeing a redistribution. If we run above Friday’s high on Monday, and if we see a rejection, then it should take out the ( members only ) area. Today’s move is quite substantial, so we anticipate the next draw to be bullish to the ( members only ) level, and then the ( members only ) zone. Once it surpasses the ( members only ) area, then we would target a draw at the ( members only ) zone.

EURUSD took out the monthly high. This should be a rejection zone, so we can start looking for reasons for price to drop. We looked at the 15 minute chart and reviewed rejection levels to monitor on the live session. Keep ( members only ) as a level to watch.

GBPUSD ran up to OTE ,and there is a break in market structure on the 4H. We are bearish and looking to draw at the ( members only ) range. There are previous targets that have not been rebalanced yet at ( members only ), and ( members only ) zones that we should also keep an eye on.

NZDUSD price is waiting for a retracement for the ( members only ) level, or for the breaker below it, and then we are targeting to the ( members only ) zone.

AUDUSD has rejected the upside, with a confirmation of a swing high on the daily. Because of this, we are interested in targeting the ( members only ) range, we suggest that you keep partials to the ( members only ) level.

Our confirmation zone kicked in for EURGBP and our targets were hit. We are now looking at the ( members only ) level for partials, and then will target the ( members only ) zone, and possibly all the way to the ( members only ) level.

USDCAD should go to the equal high at the ( members only ) zone, and then to the ( members only ) level. There is also a large imbalance on the higher timeframe that we can target for next week.

USOIL price should reach to the ( members only ) level, and then ( members only ), followed by ( members only ). Price should first retrace a bit from Monday – Wednesday and is expected try to form a low of the week. If this happens, then wait for a swing low, or just buy OTE at the ( members only ) level. We also identified how to sell countertrend when it starts pulling back… make sure to tune in to the live session replay to learn how.

GOLD price was hit by the NFP data this morning. Use the 1H or 15 Minute chart for entry to sell on pullbacks to the ( members only ) zone. We gave exact trade setup data in the live session. The breaker was hit during the live session and we set short targets.

BTCUSD should be coming back down to the ( members only ) level. We covered what do do on both sides of the market. Make sure to tune in to the replay to understand both strategies.

ETHUSD target reached from the live session yesterday. Price should draw up to the ( members only ) level and then to ( members only ). We can start looking for reasons for price to drop again as price will be going into premium around here.

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