Majors and super bear AUDUSD looking to drop + Dollar bulls taking over

Dollar bulls continue to hammer away, driving Majors down. If you follow the Order blocks you will be happy to see the presence and their value on the daily Dollar Index.

AUDUSD is super bearish, will see a bounce and downward continuation at 0.72585 to 0.72271 range. Potential AUDUSD scalp trade setup here on the bounce, if price bounces off this range we can expect it to go back up to 0.73200 – 0.73050 range, at which point we would sell again. We are watching for 1.14 level to participate in a GBPUSD sell. For NZDUSD we expect price to go down at least to the .69824 range, give or take.

We are bullish on EURAUD, looking to break and close 1.57469 and enter on a pullback until about 1.59026 level. For GBPAUD its similar, look at lower timeframe and wait for a break in market structure, enter long until 1.83939 to 1.84252 or higher upside. Just be cautions and take partials along the way.

Please keep in mind that for this week, London sessions are not live but are available in the Past Live section shortly after 4:30 AM EST ( this is just for this week ). New York session is live at regular time at 9AM EST. Keep an eye on tomorrow for the Treasury Currency Report which will be published sometime in the afternoon.

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