Gold Price and EURGBP Targets Hit + Crypto-Play-by-Play

GOLD price went to our target! For those of you monitoring GOLD price, you’ll want to tune into the replay of today’s session for full details on why we are sitting on our hands for the moment. In addition, we are successfully selling the counter trend pullback on EURGBP… we hit our targets with precision and are enjoying profits.

The DXY should drop to ( members only ), as we traded to yesterday’s imbalance. We should also be closing the void on the Daily. The ( members only ) level is important to watch to see how price will react at this zone.

EURUSD should go up above ( members only ) based on DXY price action. In terms of entries, some stops have already been run and rejected, so we have a tradable OTE at the .( members only ) level. Make sure to tune in to the replay for full details .

GBPUSD has traded above the imbalance so we can now see price raise to ( members only ) as a potential draw on liquidity, however, if we were to choose a better pair to trade right now it would be EURUSD for a buy.

NZDUSD is less favorable to trade today. We prefer AUD strength for now. However, price on NZDUSD looks like its trying to go to ( members only ), and then watch ( members only ) and then ( members only ).

Seasonally speaking, AUD becomes strong in February. For trading, AUDUSD looks better today than NZD. If we close above last week’s high, then we see price as likely to go to ( members only ), and ultimately to ( members only ). Strength here can be used on the other AUD pairs. Institutional order flow looks bullish, and all of the down candles are being respected. We identified exact settings to use for this strategy on the live session.

EURGBP targets were hit on the dot, we have profits! The main trend on EURGBP is to buy, but we are successfully selling the counter trend pullback. We are monitoring price carefully and are taking this on a day-by-day basis and we see the next draw at ( members only ). Don’t looks for buys… once we are in the ( members only ) zone we are not looking for buys. We would only change direction if we trade back above today’s high (when it’s formed). Our weekly target is up at ( members only ).

USDCAD price should attack ( members only ). The ( members only ) price is looking problematic now (based on Monday’s drop), but we still see it drawing up there unless we take out the ( members only ) level. If that happens, then we will target ( members only ).

USOIL should run up to our TP from yesterday at ( members only ) as well as the ( members only ).

GOLD price has went to our target! We are looking for it to reverse today or tomorrow to ( members only ). We are watching GOLD price to form a high and then drop. Expect a break in market structure. We are sitting on our hands for GOLD for now though, make sure to watch the replay of this morning’s live session to understand our strategy.

BTCUSD is showing a warning sign of a potential direction change for the day, based on yesterday’s end of the day rally. There is a possibility to go higher… we analyzed the Monthly and see that price should go back down. For now, we are going to sit on our hands. Price might go for one more run above ( members only ) before ultimately rejecting. If you are short, then let your stop loss do its job.

ETHUSD is the same, and since price is a bit ahead of BTC, we are closing our ETH position and waiting for price to run a high at ( members only ). Please monitor our live updates and watch the session replay to understand how and why.

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