Forex Trading Room

Welcome to another live Forex trading webinar. Today, we went over our pending trades, had a brief discussion of the impeachment of Trump yesterday, and talked about how to stick to your Trading Strategy.

During yesterday’s live session, we found trade ideas for CADJPY and Crude Oil. Our CADJPY trade idea was a long trade to a possible target of 84.175. In today’s session, we took note that the specific entry criteria of the trade was not met, and thus the trade was not validated. We still have the trade in place, in case CADJPY makes another rally back to the upside. However, we have found a more imminent trade setup for AUDJPY which may be worth taking instead.

Our Crude Oil long trade from yesterday was triggered and it is currently up +40 pips profit, and on it’s way to our first target of 61.50. The entry criteria for this trade was a break, retest and rejection of a critical psychological resistance at 61.00. As many of you know by now, the break, retest and rejection method is one of the staples of our price action trading strategy. Be sure to join tomorrow’s free live session to see how successful our trading strategy was this year. Invite any friends who may be interested, as we will go through some past trade setups.

We have approx. 48 hours until the final trading week of the year comes to an end. We are currently eyeing one more trade setup on AUDJPY which may be playing out soon. Nonetheless, this week was still profitable as we sit up +180 pips of profit. With that said, tomorrow will be our last session of the year, so be sure to tune in because it will be a great one!

As always, we appreciate all the love and support, and as always, be safe and trade responsibly.