Happy Friday traders, and welcome to our weekly free live trading session. As a reminder, we stream live for free on Mondays and Fridays.

In today’s trading session, we did a recap on the +360 pips we made this week and some trade ideas to look for next week. This was a stellar week. We had only one losing trade and very little draw down for most of our trades.

We started this week by analyzing EURUSD, XAUUSD, USDJPY and GBPUSD on Monday during our free session. We were able to enter two of the trades on the live stream and two others later in the day. These 4 trades alone brought in over +220 pips for all of our paid and free members.

On Tuesday, we then took a short position on NZDCAD and GBPJPY. Once again, the full price action analysis was explained in our live stream. GBPJPY dropped +100 pips later that day during the London session. NZDCAD took some time to get moving, but the trade eventually went in our favor for +40 pips. We expect further downside, so we will continue to hold this trade.

We finished the week with another entry on EURUSD. We entered a short position shortly after the currency pair broke the hourly support level. We are currently +40 pips in profit, and expect the downside move to continue next week. We also took trades on USDCAD and XAUUSD during this week’s live session. Make sure to watch the full technical analysis breakdown.

These past few weeks have been amazing for our community as we bounced back from the chaotic US-China trade-war that affected many of our trades in the start of October. Even after a noisy NFP trading week, our price action trading strategy was able to filter out the noise and find quality trade setups. We are in a great position heading into next week as we are holding two trades in profit, with stop losses at entry price, making our trades risk free. We will see you traders on Monday for another free live trading session. Make sure to tune in. Have a great weekend traders.

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