Welcome to another Trading Week Recap by RP Forex.

We accumulated over +300 pips profit this trading week with the various trades setups that were analyzed in our live trading sessions. During this trading week, we focused on taking only quality trade setups, and that’s the reason we only had one stop loss hit.

We started off the week with a XAUUSD (Gold) long, which was analyzed and explained in detail on Monday’s trading session. This long trade ended up bringing us +90 pips in profit. We later sold GBPUSD twice to bring in a total of +150 pips as the pair completed a head and shoulders pattern.  Read about the Top 3 Trading Patterns You Should Use which includes the Head and Shoulders pattern.  Taking further advantage of Pound’s weakness, we also entered a swing trade selling GBPAUD, which is currently up +104 pips and running.


We will continue to hold our current trades throughout the weekend as we moved our stop losses to secure profits, and to allow the trade to run risk free. Next week, we look forward to possibly selling USDCHF and XAUUSD Gold, while possibly buying the USDJPY. We will do further trade analysis on Monday to further confirm or adjust our biases on these pairs. Make sure to sign up for a trading room membership if you have not already and join us next week for our daily live sessions.

We hope you all have a great weekend, enjoy the profits we made this trading week and we will regroup on Monday for another FREE session. Take care everyone and enjoy the weekend.


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