Welcome traders to our daily live Forex trading webinar breakdown. In today’s live trading session, we went over the current status of our AUDNZD & AUDCAD trades, broke down the technicals and fundamental analysis on XAUUSD to forecast if it was ready to move down, and a quick run-through of tomorrow’s economic news calendar. We concluded the session by talking about our referral program.

Currently, both our AUDNZD and AUDCAD trades are in profits. We are up +40 pips for both and expecting further downside over the next 36 hours. We saw both currency pairs respect our key technical levels as we move closer to our final take profit targets. We then shifted our focus to XAUUSD. The precious metal had a big fake-out to the upside on Tuesday. Since then, the precious metal has been set up for a sell-off. During today’s session, we talked about the key technical indications for this prediction. We then took a look at the expected PMI data for the US Economy. The forecast is ambitious and thus, may indicate a growing US economy. This Dollar strength could possibly help us short XAUUSD to 1430.

The last thing we discussed was our Referral Program. If you are a Forex Lens member, you can refer 2 friends to our services to receive a free month. If you can get 1 more, totaling 3 friends to join you, you will receive a free membership for as long as your 3 referrals remain an active member. If you have trader friends who you think can benefit from our service, be sure to get them to join our free live sessions on Mondays and Fridays to see our style of trading.

Whether the week is news-filled and chaotic or slow and calm, our price action trading strategy has performed successfully through it all. That’s the true capability of price action trading, being able to trade through good and bad market conditions. We have yet to lose a trade this week, and we are in good shape to make more profits before tomorrow’s market close. Tomorrow is our free trade recap and market outlook session, so be sure to join and invite your friends as well! Be great, traders!


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