In today’s session we spoke about risk management, trader psychology and what our game plan is for tomorrow’s NFP release. We will be hosting a FREE live NFP trading session tomorrow at 8:00 AM EST, so be sure to join us in the Trading Room. If you have not made an account yet, click here.

Although trades may not always go our way, and often times there may be no reason for why they went against us, the beauty of Forex is the constant volatility that can be expected. As traders we are speculating and we want to always be on the right side of the volatility. However, we’re still only human and we cannot forecast everything that happens in the markets.

This is why risk management and controlling your emotions are key factors in trading. Ensuring that you are using the correct lot size and avoiding revenge trading is the utmost important rule to abide by. As we discussed, we will use the NFP release tomorrowto bag some quick profits to end off the week on the right foot.

For tomorrow’s NFP release at 8:30 AM EST, we will be using our news trading strategy to take advantage of the volatility to secure some profits. This strategy was briefly explained on one of our previous sessions which is available on our YouTube, but tomorrow you will all be given the chance to see it being used in real-time. i will see you all tomorrow at 8:00 AM EST for a very important live session. Take care and happy trading!

Watch the Live Session Here: