Welcome Forex traders, to our daily Forex technical analysis breakdown. In today’s live trading session, we provided Forex signals for GBPJPY, XAUUSD, and EURNZD. These 3 trade setups could potential give us additional +500 pips for the trading week. These trade signals are currently pending entry, and all details regarding the requirements to enter these trades were explained in today’s webinar. We also took some time to review our past trades on Crude Oil and BTCUSD. Then we ended off with a lesson on how to draw support and resistance zones.

Using our simple but effective price action strategy, we were able to find setups for GBPJPY and XAUUSD. These signals have not been sent on Telegram yet, as we still waiting for further confirmation with the price action. However, we have advised our community what exactly to look for to enter these trades. The trade signal we found for EURNZD appears to be more promising, as we may have an entry within the next few hours.

Looking outside our major Forex pairs, our BTCUSD and Crude Oil technical analysis played out nearly to perfection. The trade had come to a mere 9 pips away from hitting our final take profit target. The overall trade idea led to a gain of +90 pips. BTCUSD has confirmed our initial suspicions of a possible retrace of previous support at the 7500 level. We believe there will be signals of rejection at this point and will likely implicate a further sell-off to 6000.

The trading week started off with bouts of consolidation, but as recently as this morning, the trading volume has picked up substantially. It is around this time of the week, where we tend to make the majority of our profits. We have some solid trade setups analyzed and will be looking to execute them. Make sure to look out for them in our Telegram channels. Have a wonderful day traders, and please trade responsibly.

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