Today’s live forex trading session is an introduction to Backtesting and Algorithmic Trading in Forex using TradingView, it was hosted by George FX as RP is on vacation (Don’t worry he is back on Monday December 9th 2019 – same place same channel 11 AM EST). Until then meet George, who is 35 years young and a graduate of the University of Toronto’s, Financial Trading and Options Certificate. He is currently underway to write the Canadian Securities exam in 2020 and programming trading algorithms with Forex Lens.

As you know, humans are prone to error and there are alot of things to look out for when analyzing the charts. This is why having the right skills in backtesting your strategies and writing algorithms can substantially increase your risk to reward opportunity.

George outlines the basics of backtesting and shows a few examples in Tradingview on how to get started.


Don’t forget to check out yesterdays live session on Indicator Secrets, which covered when and how to use indicators (Trending or Momentum) on different time frames if price is trending on non-trending.