DXY Price to Rise in 2021 + GBP and AUD Remain Strong

Our bias on DXY price has not changed… we are still expecting higher prices on DXY going into the new year. Investors are waiting for the new year to decide what they will do for the year 2022. So, wait until you see a big move away from the current consolidation.

For EURUSD, EUR has moved back into the consolidation after yesterday’s rally. This is a sign that the sellers are still around. We are watching the DXY closely to know what EUR should do next.

Turning to GBPUSD, GBP has been one of the strongest pairs over the last week, and that is due to the weakness in EURGBP. We are expecting a quarterly shift on EURGBP, and that can cause the GBPUSD to move lower (this is on the basis that the dollar starts moving higher). Be sure to watch EURGBP and DXY in the coming days.

Looking at AUDUSD, AUD continue its strength today to reach a target that we have been watching since last week. We’ve used the strength on AUD to trade the EURAUD to continue to move lower. We expect the strength to continue, so keep and eye on both EURAUD and GBPAUD for selling opportunities.

For NZDUSD, we continue to be on the sidelines, because NZD is struggling to give us a close above ( members only ). If we get a close on the daily time frame above this level, then we should see a continuation to ( members only ).

As expected, EURGBP price went for the liquidity below ( members only ) today. Now we will wait for more information to decide our next move.

Turning to USOIL, oil has been stuck in a range since Tuesday with no clear direction. It’s currently in premium, relative to the dealing range on the daily time frame. There is a potential distribution going on, and we will have to wait for more information to make our next move. Seasonally, oil drops and makes a low in January, so we could see a drop after the distribution phase.

GOLD pulled back yesterday, giving buyers opportunity to go long. Price is now set to attack the ( members only ) price level. We might see it continue to the next upside objective target of ( members only ). For now, we are looking only at longs on gold.

BTC reached our level called in our previous forecast of ( members only ). Now we should see it go for the sell-side liquidity below ( members only ). We will look for sell ideas going into tomorrow.

Heading deeper into the world of crypto, we are currently staying on the sidelines and sitting on our hands. However, if you are looking to long BTC, we see some potential targets at ( members only ) with stops under ( members only ). In terms of MATIC, we are looking bearish in the short term with a bearish head and shoulders pattern developing on the hourly chart. We may see price spill down towards the ( members only ) level or lower. Be careful if you’re taking positions in these markets and keep your trade size small.

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