DXY Pairs Consolidating + Ranges Spotted for NFP Friday

New variants are still popping up around the world. ADP comes out double than expected at $800k plus a sure hint for Friday. DXY and EURUSD are in consolidation until Friday NFP. Yesterday GOLD targets have been hit! BTCUSD is still in bearish territory.

Today we saw a move to the downside on the DXY, and we are expecting a rejection at ( members only ). We should stay within the ( members only ) and ( members only ) range until NFP on Friday, where we expect it to burst out with a potential of first targeting the equal low of ( members only ).

EURUSD is also stuck in a range, as price is inside the range of the high of ( members only ) down to ( members only ). On a smaller timeframe, it looks like EURUSD will want to close off the existing void up at ( members only ) and/or a riskier ( members only ).

On GBPUSD, we identified a MMSM (Market Maker Sell Model), so it is possible to see price come back to ( members only ), and then retrace back up to ( members only ), and potentially even ( members only ). Keep in mind that we are still in a downtrend, so the countertrend is a bit tougher to trade. We will be watching and waiting for a sell.

There is strength in AUDUSD as we eye the ( members only ) level. If you are looking or buys, target that and an immediate TP at ( members only ) with partials upwards. We are using the strength to find shorts on EURAUD and GBPAUD as EUR and GBP are weak.

NZDUSD is looking similar to AUDUSD, with the target high of ( members only ) all the way to ( members only ), which is a small inevitable gap fill on the daily charts.

For EURGBP, another MMSM identified here on the 1H chart so its possible we can take out the ( members only ) levels before going back down.

The draw on liquidity for USOIL is clear as we identify a buy model which is looking to attack the ( members only ) equal high with low resistance.

With XAUUSD, seasonal tendencies plus Institutional order flow has been bullish so we are expecting some more of this to the ( members only ) level, the closure of the void.

For BTCUSD, we hit yesterday’s targets and are continuing to be bearish with a minimum attack to the ( members only ) to ( members only ), which are foundational 1H support levels. It is possible for the bearish draw to keep going to ( members only ).

FOMC today should cause another ripple in volatility. Let’s keep our analysis strong, and our trading consistent. Make sure to tune in to the Live Session and watch the Previous Live session recording to stay up to date on prices.

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