Day Trading Strategies + Consistent GOLD Profits

Day trading strategies were a focus today, and we presented both sides of the market through the eyes of the big institutional players. In addition to the day trading strategies, we are hitting consistent profits on both GOLD & USOIL, while higher than expected weekly unemployment claims keep the Dollar Index in range.

Speaking of the DXY, we are expecting a rejection, and for price to go higher with the previous day’s low as the base of liquidity on the DXY. Look at the ( members only ) area as a resistance to drive price back higher. However, if we close below the imbalance at ( members only ), then look to target ( members only ), and finally the ( members only ) levels. Make sure to tune in to the replay of the live session to get the full daily day trading strategy for the Dollar Index.

For EURUSD we are watching the ( members only ) levels as a range to the upside, but if it doesn’t go there, then we are bearish to the levels we identified during this morning’s live session.

For GBPUSD, we are waiting for price reject the ( members only ) level and attack the ( members only ) level, with a potential to drop down to the ( members only ) area.

NZDUSD will potentially stay sideways, so we are staying out so that EURNZD and GBPNZD can complete their movements. Make sure to watch today’s live session replay, because we dive into how to apply this day trading strategy.

AUDUSD does have a bit of strength, so we should see price hit the breaker on the 4h at ( members only ). Price will potentially stay sideways, so we are staying out for now. We have been using the strength of AUD on the other AUD pairs.

With EURGBP, we expect a pullback to around the ( members only ) area, but price should ultimately react and continue going lower to the ( members only ) level.

For USDCAD, we are holding the same outlook as yesterday. The next draw is to the downside at the ( members only ) level.

USOIL is extremely overbought. Price gapped down by the close of yesterday… it should come back to fill the gap, but will keep selling pressure to the downside. Price may stay sideways, but we expect it to drop to the ( members only ) level before we decide what to do.

Our GOLD target has been hit again. We traded to our level yesterday, and want to see price break through the ( members only ) level, then retrace and target the ( members only ) level as the next draw on liquidity. We are not 100% on the next high of ( members only ) just yet, but we will keep you posted!

BTCUSD is still stuck in a sideways market. We should see BTCUSD drop ,and we are still targeting the downside to ( members only ), then to ( members only ) and potentially to the ( members only ) areas. of course, this all depends on how price reacts around the ( members only ) area. We outlined the day trading strategies for BTCUSD in detail during this morning’s live session.

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