Day Trading Simplified + GOLD Targets Hit

Day trading simplified was a focus for today’s live session. Essentially, we showed the equivalent of NFL “packaged plays”. Except on the charts, your Take Profits are the wide receivers and YOU are the quarterback! And, because our Smart Money trader is your coach, being plugged into the live session every day is the best way for you to become more consistent with your profits.

The DXY did not close above the high that we were looking at yesterday, and we ended with an inside candle. We may see price continue going lower, unless we close bullish. On the 1H price, there is a redistribution and price should reject, so target the imbalance on the 4H at ( members only ).

Lots of subjectivity on EURUSD today. Price is expecting to go higher to ( members only ), so wait for a break. Remember, EUR is still subject to drop until the 1H swing high is taken out. Tune in to the live session replay to learn how to make day trading simplified for EURUSD, and to run your “packaged play”.

GBPUSD price went above the previous day’s high. We see price going higher to the void at ( members only ) and ( members only ). If it strikes above, then price should attack the equal high up at ( members only ) range.

For NZDUSD we are on the sidelines, watching for better plays.

We are in scalping conditions on AUDUSD… price should drop to the ( members only ) area. Keep in mind that for buys you should wait for ( members only ) to give up. We showed how GBPAUD and EURAUD are affected and identified OTE during the live session.

EURGBP price is in short term retracement, and should drop further to ( members only ) and ( members only ). Once we get there we will look for reasons to go long, and we showed how to set this trade up during the live session.

USDCAD entry from yesterday has taken effect. To make day trading simplified, make sure to take partials at ( members only ), move your stop loss to break even, then let the rest ride to ( members only ).

USOIL price missed our entry by a few pips, and we were anticipating a reversal. Price should rebalance before ultimately going higher. Oil price should drop, and we can look for buys then.

Our GOLD target has been hit! If you want to leave some on the table, feel free – but we would suggest that you close most of it out. We are looking at a potential MMSM, and there are lots of reasons for price to drop, so watch the breaker at ( members only ) level. Price may push a bit higher one more time to ( members only ), so we have to catch an obvious drop if we take the sell. Your Smart Money coach covered the play-by-play strategy on the live session – be sure to catch the replay.

On BTCUSD we are short to ( members only ), and price on ETHUSD went to the order block on the daily, and broke market structure – we see a short to ( members only ) and ( members only ) for ETHUSD.

I know we say it a lot, but if you want to master the markets and make day trading simplified, showing up to the daily live sessions is your best play. Remember, practice makes profits!

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