Hello Forex Lens traders.

My name is Jon Morgan, I’m one of the educators and I do live trading. This video is a little bit of an expansion or maybe a duplicate of information I went over in my first intro video. This is a quick description of how I want to help your trading how I can help.

It’s gonna be a two-fold process – I really want to keep the information that I share, that I bring up and that I teach with you; I want it to be relevant, I want it to be something that works. I don’t want it to be a very common kind of bad trading thing that you you find with a lot of stuff online. I don’t want to do moving average crossovers, I don’t want to do daunting channels, I don’t want to do subjective you know ‘lets put lines on a screen because it represented a narrative as price action’, I don’t want to do a grid system – I don’t want to do anything that for me never worked. I’m just a normal dude who has gone through a difficult process to become profitable so I’m only gonna want to share what I know has worked for me.

Now there may be some subscribers who want to see something different, there might be something I don’t talk about that you would like me to go over, and that’s where you’re gonna come in and contact us and let me know if I could explain something better, if there’s something you would like me to expand on or if you’re going into the live sessions, if there’s a type of tool you would like to see me use. I want to be your resource.

You’re paying the subscription and my job then is to make sure that you feel like you’re getting your money’s worth and I think you can figure out if you’re getting your money’s worth two ways: one is if you’re doing the live trading and you find that one of the scenarios that I go over works for you-  that’s great. And the second one is if you find the information in the educational library useful, so don’t don’t let your money go to waste because because that’s really easy to do it when you’re trading anyways.

This is an investment in you and I want to do the best I can as somebody who’s passionate about the market and somebody’s passionate about teaching and educating. I hope this video finds you well and if you have any questions please reach out to us and let us know.

Thank you and have a great trading day!

Jon Morgan, professional trader and forex educator.

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