Let’s talk about upcoming 2022 crypto trends. Our crypto analysts have been developing strategies to capitalize on the emerging crypto trends in 2022, and our members will be poised to take full advantage in the new year.

As the year comes to an end, we are staying flat in the markets for levered positions, and will start rebalancing and re-risking some of our spot positions. Our plan for crypto going into 2022 is to get back to approximately 40-50% of our portfolio in ( members only ), which would allow us to have the dry powder we need to deploy in the new year when the time is right. Ideally, this would be when we have more clarity of what’s happening with interest rates, covid and other macro economic activities.

In terms of the other 50-60% of spot holdings, we will be looking to hold approximately 40% of  it in ( members only ). We remain bullish on L1s and ETH scaling solutions like ( members only ), and the other 10% of holding will be focused on ( members only ). These are tokens we have not talked about yet, but will share more as we enter 2022. We have spent the last quarter of 2021 analyzing the gaming sector of crypto, and we will be ready to share our picks and findings in the new year. These will be very beneficial information for members seeking to deploy higher risk for higher returns.

No matter what your risk tolerance or level of experience, you won’t want to miss out on any of the trends in crypto investing as we head into 2022. Armed with the right platform, education and analysis, it’s shaping up to be a very profitable year in both crypto and forex. So stay safe, be well, and let’s make 2022 our most profitable ever for everyone!

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